Model TF500 2″ Blowoff/Flush Hydrant

The TF500 is rugged, compact and engineered for a lifetime of service.

The TF500 is shown here in a typical 5 1/4″ ID Valve Box.

The small “footprint” of the 5 1/4″ Valve Box makes the TF500 ideal for use in front yards, cul-de-sacs and other “space-sensitive” installations.


1. Automatic draining freeze-proof design
– suitable for any climate, any depth of bury

2. Rugged, heavy-duty construction
– abuse-resistant castings and components
– no un-repairable ball or gate valves
– 2″ NPS nozzle allows easy attachment of riser pipe or hose
– 6 turns per inch of operating rod travel helps minimize water-hammer and operator effort

3. High volume water passageway
– unrestricted water passageway throughout
– smallest point in water path is 1 1/2″ diameter, largest 4″+
– working parts in headstock don’t obstruct water flow or introduce turbulence

4. Anti-pollution option for contamination-sensitive applications
– double check-valves mount to drain port, to prevent backflow through the drain

5. Fits in a standard 5 1/4″ Valve Box
– user-supplied – any common Valve Box with an ID of 5 1/4″ or more
– small “footprint” makes the TF500 ideal for use in front yards, cul-de-sacs and other space-sensitive installations

6. All-Brass standard configuration
– lead-free brass complies with strictest standards
– can be used as a sampling station
– extremely durable and corrosion-resistant
– optionally, cast iron headstock and black iron or galvanized barrel piping is available

7. All wear-parts available from standard supply-house stock
– o-rings, seats and seals are all standard design, dimension and material
– no leather
– no unique, one-of-a-kind parts, no unique one-of-a-kind prices

8. Maximum maintainability design
– all working parts are easily accessible from the top – even the valve
– all exposed fasteners are stainless steel
– no special care is required to replace TF500’s o-rings, seats or seals