Repair Sleeves

Heavy Duty Spilt-Sleeve Repair Clamps for 6" and 8" Ductile Iron Pipe
Click here to see a detailed diagram of the RC-6S & RC-6D clamps.

Two Widths:

Seals an area 4" wide. Great for leaking
service connections and smaller breaks.

Seals an area 10 1/2" wide.
Great for leaking bell joints and larger breaks.


No sleeving or patching, only minimal preparation of the pipe is required – just clamp them on and go!

These clamps work very well even in conditions with:

– Large misalignments
– Excessive flexing (shifting soil, heavy traffic etc.)
– Big holes or missing sections
– Badly scaled pipe

The boss is available tapped in any size up to 2 1/2". Anchoring lugs are available for gripper type split-ring restrainers. (see below)

All materials, dimensions and finishes as per the applicable AWWA standards for 350 psi-class ductile iron fittings.

Adding restraint to a repair has never been easier, more economical or more versatile!

Each clamp has anchoring lugs for T-head bolts that tie right in to split-ring gripper-style restrainers, like Sigma’s PV-Lok™ and Ford’s Uni-Flange 1390™ (the Uni-Flange 139™ 0 is shown in the photos below). You can independently add restraint to one or both ends – and only when you need it!


"Our crews can freely choose to use band clamps or the RC-6S and RC-6D. They choose the RC-6S and RC-6D every time – the band clamps are just gathering dust."

– Engineering Staff member, large Midwestern utility (details upon request)