PRECISION COMPONENTS & ASSEMBLIES is equipped with the latest in design hardware and software to aid in product design or develop full turnkey projects. From a simple idea sketched on paper to full 3-Dimensional models, we are equipped to handle your project, efficiently and professionally.

Our dedicated staff of Design Engineers can assist you with their many years of expertise and “hands-on” ability. We are equipped to handle many different design software applications, such as AutoCAD 2000 & 2004, ProE and SolidWorks. Computer Aided Machining (CAM) programs allow a seamless transfer of information between the Design Engineers and CNC machining centers. Complex machining programs are easily downloaded to the production floor, which saves time and money over conventional programming.

Pictured below are some recent projects that PRECISION COMPONENTS & ASSEMBLIES has successfully implemented that saved our customers thousands of dollars each year over past design methods. In all cases, as you will see, the components were functionally and esthetically improved while reducing the overall cost.
Conversion of a complex weldment to a casting

Precision Components & Assemblies provided our customer with design engineering, prototyping, assembly, and production of this casting. This design greatly reduced cost, provided an aesthetically better product and improved the overall performance.

This conversion provided our customer with a much stronger component and reduced their overall cost by 24%. The design of the casting allows for simple installation and maintenance. The ductile iron component will also allow new bushings to be installed, which increased the life of the product.

Conversion of a steel weldment to a Ductile Iron Casting.


This conversation eliminated the use of three separate steel pieces, specialty forming, laser cutting, and the costly welding required to produce this component. The casting is machined on a high speed CNC lathe in a fraction of the time that was required of the previous design. The annual cost savings we were able to offer our customer for this conversion was $42,000.00.

Conversion of a plastic handle to a Chrome
Plated Brass Casting.

Precision Components & Assemblies converted this casting from an injection-molded plastic component. The chrome plated casting is used exclusively on our customer’s premier equipment that is sold around the world. The casting is a very visible feature on the finished product and has a mirror like finish.